Employer Learning Development Support

Identifying Your Training Requirements

Employers often find securing the right member of staff or developing the skills within their workforce a challenge alongside the day to day running the business. Many send their employees on training that does not always meet the needs of the business.

Cairns Consulting will help identify the training needs of your business, with many years’ experience as a manager employing staff and through supporting employers with training and apprenticeships Brian can help you get your staffing and training in place to match your company’s needs.

Training Needs Identification

Brian will help you identify the training needs of the business and plan how to put these into practice, through recruitment and staff development plans.

Workforce Planning

Falling out of the training needs identification, Cairns Consulting will work with you to put together a training and development plan to grow the workforce to meet the business requirements.

Staff Recruitment

Cairns Consulting can help with the recruitment of staff including writing job descriptions, application sifting, and supporting the interview process.

Performance Management

When investing in staff it is often difficult to retain them having invested heavily in their training. This is often a fine balance of meeting the needs of the business and needs of the individual. Cairns Consulting can help you develop a performance management system that allows you to agree KPI’s and manage performance through building the level of training you require and the opportunities for staff to grow with the business.


With so much change at the heart of apprenticeships, employers in more control and the opportunities to develop apprenticeships to suit their needs there are opportunities being missed to get involved.

Brian has a wealth of experience from apprenticeship delivery and assessment, writing the standards and managing the quality of the delivery.

Cairns Consulting can provide support for employers by identifying the need for an apprentice, developing the job description and advertising the vacancy.

Bespoke Training

Brian can deliver training courses to match your organisations needs
Current projects with employers has been with writing a new Apprenticeship Standard in Advanced Auto glazing with the Employer working group, helping employers identify their apprenticeship training needs and supporting the recruitment of the apprenticeships.




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