Mesma Insight Q and SAR

Mesma Insight Q and your Continuous Improvement Process

Brian has in place a special arrangement with Mesma allowing him to provide access for his customers to the Insight Q, Quality Assurance Software, in order to allow him to work in supporting your annual Self-Assessment and Quality Improvement Process.
With your Continuous Improvement Process a key section in the current round of RoATP applications and also featuring highly in the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework, getting this right is key to maintain your ability to deliver apprenticeships and maintain good Ofsted grades.
Working in partnership with Brian on a regular basis will give you access to the Evaluate, Improve and Inquire modules to assist you in live updating of your SAR and Quality Improvement Plan and observing these through Inquire. Giving you access to an up to date SAR and Improvement Plan at the push of a button at any time of the year. You can also provide access to Ofsted Inspectors when under a monitoring visit or full inspection.
All the time working with Brian to provide external checks, development work and governance on your quality assurance processes. You will also have access to free Mesma webinars and online support as a user
Please make contact to discuss how this arrangement might work for you


The evaluate module allows you and your team to take a close look at your provision answering questions against the education inspection framework where you can identify your activities under good/outstanding or requires improvement and provide an evaluative statement explaining your reasons. You can then upload or provide links to evidence. When you identify a requires improvement you can set an action which populates the Improve module. A sliding scale is provided to allow you to make a grade judgement and a download button is provided to allow you to print off a readymade Self-Assessment Report


This is about managing the performance of your teams and the linkage to company strategic ambitions, staff training and development in order to meet the needs of the business. This explains the apprenticeship reforms and the employer’s role in the design of the apprenticeship, choice of training provider and assessment organisation, levy and non-levy funding mechanisms.

Evaluate (Continuted)

The Evaluate module allows us in partnership to take a deep dive into an aspect of your training offer. By setting up review templates against a range of activities identified with you we can focus on getting into the detail of how specific things are functioning.
Allows you to keep checks on things such as:
• Performance management
• Internal Verification
• English and Maths
• EDI and British Values
• 20% OTJ
• Safeguarding
• And anything else that forms part of quality cycle

Brian's Offer

Following an initial two days of support and completing a full review of you provision we populate Evaluate and Improve making a first draft of a self-assessment and improvement plan available.
Then I work with you on and your team an ongoing basis say 1 day per month addressing the needs for improvement actions and developing solutions to improve your provision.
We then build in some further evaluation as part of your continuous improvement /quality assurance cycle where we identify a need.
After initial day, I can support remotely, and you can log in at any time to uploaded to the system and video conference/call to discuss
You will be having access to three modules of Insight Q + access to webinars for support + Me to support you with developing and monitoring improvements.




Chelmsford, Essex


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